What's New!

Dear Customers,

We wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for being patient as Loma went through a very dramatic change! Both our product name and our packaging changed, but not the ingredients. Why you ask? We wanted to create a clearly defined line, in keeping with our organic heritage and Aloe Vera based products. We wanted our products to "pop" on your shelves and not have customers trying to figure out what they bought.

As many of you know we had two lines, it was very confusing and we were often asked “what is the difference? “ We tried to keep the lines separated by price point but eventually ingredient cost increases made Simplicity about the same price as Hydrating Crème. In an effort to avoid annual price increases, we decided it was time to rid ourselves (often with great misery) of items that just weren’t selling enough. We know that this decision will only impact a few of you as many Salons and Stylists were picking only the items that we will continue to manufacture. Attached you will find a list of new names and what they were before. If you do not see a product that you carried previously, we are sad to say it is now discontinued.

We finally added Tubes and Tubs to our line so the stylers’ will be easier to use. It will promote your retail sales since customers won’t be confused as to what Maximum Volumizing Solution is and how to use it.

We changed to one bottle type and therefore Loma bottles will now be 12oz. We changed the colors to differentiate between shampoo and conditioner. And we redefined the names to conform with consumer understanding.

We kept the best of the best and got rid of the rest. We will continue to add to our line as this crazy chemist finds new and brilliant ideas.